Welcome to FUTUREX

At FUTUREX, we offer you a wide range of training options to utilize at your convenience, even if that means 24/7 flexibility to fit your schedule.

Check out our Class Descriptions below!

Personal Training

At FUTUREX, INDIVIDUAL performance training is designed to meet you where you are in your health & wellness journey and LEVEL-UP so that you are confident in the process and excited about the forthcoming learning path and results.

Small Group Training

At FUTUREX, SMALL GROUP training expands our Individual programs to include groups of (6) on a regular schedule.

These small group training programs are offered throughout the week so grab family, friends, teammates or simply register and GET IN THE GYM with like-minded individuals also looking to LEVEL-UP!


At FUTUREX, we LEVEL-UP TEAM TRAINING and work directly with your head coach to understand your annual competition calendar as our backbone to being the program framework.

We then align those key season markers with a custom training regimine to ensure you are peaking at the right time to perform at your best in your sport

Open Gym

Our gym has been designed for optimal training flexibility and begins with our strength area including (5) multi-functional power racks and (10) Olympic lifting platforms at the heart of the training space.

Our state-of-the-art traditional cardio village overlooks the main training floor which includes the power racks as well as Hammer Strength plate loaded and pin machines, walls of dumbbells, benches and GHDs as well as plyometric, mobility and conditioning gear.

To top it off, we have all this equipment on a shock-resistant PLAE performance floor that includes a 50’ turf path for sled work. This sled path also leads outside to enhance the training experience overall.

Beyond the performance equipment & amenities FUTUREX has personable and professional certified trainers on staff to assist you throughout your workout and provide guidance and recommendations during your session. Not necessarily on-going personal training. But pretty much.


FUTUREX Class Schedule

Personal Training

One-on-one Personal Training Sessions are scheduled individually.

Small Group Training

Classes begin on the hour and half hour beginning at 5A.


To start your trial, click the “Get In The Gym” button to request your in person gym tour and fitness review with our Director of On-Boarding today!




Lessons run from February 5th – February 29th. Secure your spot for a month of water fun and skill-building.