Welcome to CrossFit FUTURE

CrossFit FUTURE is conveniently located in Blacklick, Ohio right between Gahanna, New Albany, Reynoldsburg and Columbus. With 7,500 square feet of gym space for you to explore, we are sure you’ll spend the Best Hour of The Day with us. 

Check out our Class Descriptions below!

CrossFit® - Beginner

Those looking to begin their CrossFit® journey will start with our General Health & Strength Class for 3-months to establish virtuosity in the CrossFit® movement patterns. After 3-months, you will take (3) Personal Training CrossFit classes, which we call CrossFit® 101. Upon completion and readiness you can either align with CrossFit® 102, which includes a dedicated trainer in a group class or simply jump into CrossFit® classes. Either way, it’s a great way to start!

CrossFit® - Experienced

Classic and Pure CrossFit® the way it was intended to be….Each class includes a warm-up, skill and/or strength and a metcon workout. Classes are reliably 1-hour and are led by our experienced and professional staff. Get in the Gym at FUTURE!

Gym Rats (Ages 5-9 years old)

Get your youth started with functional fitness with our Gym Rats program. Gym Rats applies CrossFit® technique and is taught with a game-centric approach and designed for fun. Gym Rats classes are run at Future Athletics which is in the same building as CrossFit Future so parents and guardians can train either at CrossFit Future or FUTUREX at the same time.

EDGE (Ages 10-17 years old)

Our pre-teen and teenagers start their CrossFit® Journey with EDGE 101, where we teach them mechanics of movement. This continues for 1-month or until mastery. We then move them into EDGE 102 which is a CrossFit-style class introducing class flow. Once comfortable, the athlete moves into the EDGE class which runs in concert with our adult CrossFit class so parents and guardians can train alongside their family. A great way to grow in fitness together!

CrossFit FUTURE Class Schedule


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
5, 6, 9A
3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30P

5, 6, 9A
3:30, 4:30P,
5:30P/Open Gym

7:30, 8:30A


Gym Rats



Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday

EDGE 101, 102 & CrossFit 101 are scheduled according to the individual to accommodate schedules

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Lessons run from February 5th – February 29th. Secure your spot for a month of water fun and skill-building.